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Women now comprise a majority of the workforce and actively pursue staying fit. Fashion has adapted to this changing lifestyle. Many a times ladies under go breast reduction surgery to trim themselves to fit into the dresses they like. In addition to these important aesthetic considerations, the sheer weight and bulk of large breasts can impede the ability of women to effectively function. Sometimes heavy breasts can be a cause for back ache and related spine problems. Breast Reduction offers a way for women to make their body meet their needs. It is no longer necessary for women to be forced to bear the burden of heavy, pendulous breasts.

About the Procedure

Breast reduction, also called reduction mammaplasty, is a surgical procedure in which excess breast tissue and skin are removed and the breast is reshaped. The procedure is carried out under general anaesthesia. The type of surgery is decided by the amount of tissue to be removed and the required lift to the nipple and areola. The two main methods are inverted T method of reduction and other is Vertical reduction. When it is donethrough an inverted T incision that runs around the nipple, down to the breast crease and underneath the breast. The nipple and the coloured area around the nipples (the areola) usually remain attached to the underlying breast tissue. The Vertical reduction method is little more conservative method which gives less scarring with only a vertical limb of incision. Both procedures preserves a good amount of sensation and the possibility of being able to breast-feed. The resulting breast is smaller, firmer, and more proportional. It can often relieve symptoms of back and neck ache.

Recovery and Healing

You will have general anaesthesia and probably have to stay in the hospital overnight after you have breast reduction surgery. Because the surgery is extensive, you will likely wear a support bra and skin tapes may be used to support your skin. It’s important not to lift your arms above your head, not lifting heavy objects for several days, and not to drive until your doctor gives the go-ahead. It will probably be a few weeks before you can return to work.


As with any surgical procedure, the general risks include, bleeding, infection, and anaesthesia complication. Your breasts were not completely symmetrical prior to surgery and it is likely that this will be the case after the procedure is completed. There may be decreased sensation of the breast and the nipple as well as potential problems in healing. There will be permanent scars from the procedure that at first will be red and later it can darken or lighten, but should dissipate over time.There will probably be some moderate discomfort after surgery, but this is not a painful procedure.

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